2011 Album Countdown

#1. Cut Copy-Zonoscope

2011 was no doubt the best year of my life and there’s no way in hell I’m not going out dancing. Australian electro pop band, Cut Copy, have come quite a long way since their last album in 2008 In Ghost Colours. If you haven’t heard that album, then I definitely suggest you add it [...]Read More..

#2. Bon Iver-Bon Iver

Thank god for that bitch Emma dumping Justin Vernon or we wouldn’t have the Bon Iver we know and love today. Bon Iver, meaning having a “good winter”, is one of the best names symbolizing a band’s origin that I can think of. After the breakup of his previous band and full of heartache, Vernon [...]Read More..

#3. Fleet Foxes-Helplessness Blues

Sorry for the delay on today’s post and the site being down for a little while. Radculture.com was undergoing some maintenance to make it more rad. Back in 2008 Fleet Foxes showed me folk could be cool thanks to their self-titled album. “White Winter Hymnal” allowed hipster men to show women their “seRead More..

#5: Drake-Take Care

Albums like Take Care serve as a reminder of why I still care about rap. I struggle to find the proper times in my life that I actually want to listen to recent rap songs these days other than bumping and grinding in the Cantina dance cave. However, once in a while an album that [...]Read More..

#7. Saintseneca-Last & #6. Washed Out-Within and Without + a Surprise

#7. Saintseneca- Last Columbus may have Jeni’s Ice Cream, but it’s also lucky enough to have local folk band, Saintseneca. Brought together, according to the band, by chance and friendship…Saintsenca is a heartfelt musical experience that is filled with incredible talent. The instrumental aRead More..

#8 Neon Indian-Era Extraña

What happens when the band who pretty much branded chillwave comes out with a 2nd album? Well, they redefine it. Their last album Psychic Chasms was an incredibly unique experience, but sometimes felt a little too chaotic for its own good. Era Extraña takes everything I liked about Neon Indian, and creates Read More..

#9: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart-Belong

I don’t think the definition of “indie pop” can get any clearer than with NYC based band The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Another fantastic example of an amazing sophomore album, whenever I want to be in an exceptionally happy mood I put on Belong. Catchy guitar and lead vocals from Kip Berman about [.Read More..

#10: Real Estate-Days

2011 was the year of sophomore albums that didn’t disappoint and New Jersey Indie Rock band Real Estate is certainly no exception. I could not think of a more chill way to start off this countdown than with the album Days. It was this year’s reminder that everyone just needs to chillax once in a [...]Read More..

2011′s Honorable Mentions

First, I want to wish everyone a Happy Hannukkah. Before I get the countdown started I want to show tribute some of 2011′s albums that were cool, but just not cool enough. These didn’t make my top 10, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have a special contribution to my 2011 musical idenRead More..