A Holiday Special…My 2012 Top 10 Album Countdown!

It’s that special time of year where I blow the dust off, share my personal top 10 favorite albums of 2012, and then everyone comments and complains in outrage about what is missing and how it doesn’t match up enough to Pitchfork. Let’s get started! #10.  Matt & Kim-LightRead More..

Rad Albums by Brad: Fanfarlo-Rooms Filled With Light

Fanfarlo: Rooms Filled With Light First I want to apologize for the delay in posts, as much as I would like to frolic and blog all day…sometimes dental school calls, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you guys or groovy tunes any less. Meanwhile, since we last hung out a very special piece Read More..

“What’s all the Hypem About?” The Hood Internet

Every wonder what it would sound like if Taio Cruz and Foster the People hooked up? Well Mash-up DJ Duo The Hood Internet can make that happen.  They have a simple formula of “Indie+Rap=Awesome”, and it works. Just about everyday on their website they post a new free song for download, and honesRead More..

RadCulture Song of the Week: Fanfarlo-De.con.struc.tion

Back in 2009, UK-based indie pop band Fanfarlo probably had one of the classiest and most exciting debuts of all my favorite indie bands. Simliar to “Beirut,” Fanfarlo incorporates trumpet, violin, and mandolin in a way that when heard for the first time is instantly special. After a long and agonRead More..

It’s Not Summer, but Hey Let’s Pretend! Beach Fossils-Shallow

Probably one of my favorite summer memories is driving to Zoombezi Bay in a convertible and hearing Beach Fossil’s “Wide Awake” for the first time. PBRs were shotgunned in the parking lot followed by a relaxing float on the lazy river. Although I could attribute the day’s success most Read More..

RadCulture Song of the Week: Animal Kingdom-Strange Attractor

If there’s one thing I love about bands from other countries it is that they just pretend that it isn’t Winter and drop super beachy tunes in February. You may remember UK band “Animal Kingdom” from being named iTunes best new alternative artest of 2009! (Yeah, it’s okay I dont rRead More..

Upcoming Must-See Rad Cbus Shows: Los Campesinos! @ Skullys

Alright I’ll be the first to say it, the last few months of shows in Cbus have sucked, that is until tomorrow! Wales 8 piece band Los Campesinos! will be gracing us with their instruments tomorrow night at Skullys. I had the opportunity to catch these guys during their start in 2008 at the Wexner [...]Read More..

RadCulture Song of the Week: Tanlines-Brothers

When I first heard the Brooklyn duo Tanlines it was the freshest indie pop experience I’d ever had. In 2010 the band released a 6 song EP titled “Settings.” (With an album cover that oddly looked like Jim Carey laughing.) It was so incredibly unique I didn’t even know what to make of iRead More..

Rad Albums by Brad: Penguin Prison-Penguin Prison

2012 is only 13 days old and I’ve already discovered one of the most fun albums of the year. Okay technically this album came out last October, but somehow slipped past my dance party music radar. A band from New York who got it’s start doing some groovy remixes, Penguin Prison steps up its game [Read More..

The Shins Make Grand Return in a Simple Way

No need to keep rewatching Garden State to get your fill of The Shins because for the first time in 5 years James Mercer has finally released some new material. The first single off their upcoming album Port of Morrow is called “Simple Song/” The song is classic Shins feel-good tunes and after a Read More..