What’s all the Hype(m) about this week?…RAC

In this new RadCulture feature I will be showcasing some of the hottest artists to check out on the Hype Machine. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a neato site that aggregates the top songs being blogged. It’s essentially Pandora organized by popularity, except like being lame like Pandora which just has itunes copies, Hypem has really awesome remixes and rarities.

This week is the remix artist: RAC (HYPEM LINK)

RAC is Andre Allen Anjos from Portland, OR who started his remixing career by doing a series of “Nintendo vs. Sega” remixes. Turns out video games can get you laid and famous. RAC has created some of the most fun remixes I’ve ever heard. It’s like he takes your favorite songs by popular indie artists and gives them a 5 hour energy shot so they are ready to party. He’s used his magic remix finger on some of my favorite groups including: Bloc Party, Tokyo Police Club, Ra Ra Riot, Chromeo, Delorean, The Temper Trap, Washed Out, and Phoenix. . Listen to his Hypem playlist and let me know how long is takes til you’re shakin’ your tush.

You can also grab some over at his website 

Check out one of my personal favorites



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