RadCulture Song of the Week: Way Yes-Automail

If you’re into the local Columbus music scene you’ve most definitely moved and grooved to the sweet sounds of Way Yes by now. If you’re not I promise it won’t be long til these dudes enter your music radar. Way Yes produces an incredibly unique and cheerful sound that would be the perfect soundtrack if hipsters were into Hawaiian luaus. Having recently just signed with Neon Indian’s label “Lefse”, Way Yes is about to drop it like it’s hot (in March when their full length album debuts). In the meantime we have this super fun single “Orajundio” which you can snag now on iTunes. The single features a song called “Automail”, is it a good time? Way Yes!

The video displays an intense frog race (which is kind of ironic since everyone says the band’s vocals sound like Kermit the Frog is singing). The footage and song demonstrate the band’s goofy and joyful personality that will always leave you with a smirk on your face and dancing shoes on your feet. Look for their first full length album to drop later this year and catch them play later this month at Carabar Jan 28th.


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  1. awesome write up. i know these dudes. walkability drops in march. it’s an EP being re-released which was actually recorded before oranjudio. first full length still pending…

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