RadCulture Song of the Week: Fanfarlo-De.con.struc.tion

Back in 2009, UK-based indie pop band Fanfarlo probably had one of the classiest and most exciting debuts of all my favorite indie bands. Simliar to “Beirut,” Fanfarlo incorporates trumpet, violin, and mandolin in a way that when heard for the first time is instantly special. After a long and agonizing wait, the band is finally back to grace us with new music. Their latest single “Deconstruction” is a small preview to the quality their sophomore album Rooms Filled With Light is about to bring later this month.

By the time the incredible 2 minute intro is over you will forget the song even needs lyrics or the lead singer has a mop on his head.

Fanfarlo will be rocking out at Skully’s March 27th

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