Rad Albums by Brad: Penguin Prison-Penguin Prison

2012 is only 13 days old and I’ve already discovered one of the most fun albums of the year. Okay technically this album came out last October, but somehow slipped past my dance party music radar. A band from New York who got it’s start doing some groovy remixes, Penguin Prison steps up its game big time with it’s self-titled album. Penguin Prison is one of those albums that on first listen is bursting with so much energy you can’t even sit still. The last time I felt this way after listening to an album was after Passion Pit graced the world with Manners or hearing the vocals of Friendly Fires for the first time. The album has an incredibly 80′s feel, and is in my opinion one of the best modern 80s attempts since Chromeo’s debut. They even put in these Michael Jackson’esque grunts that are kind of weird, but in the end a good time.

It’s refreshing for my first album feature to be a new band because I felt like most of my 2011 favorites were all sophomore albums. What Penguin Prison does so well is it offers an eclectic variety of sounds and vocals, but maintains a very care-free tone that will just make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Stop reading, start dancing.

Must Listen: “Fair Warning”

Runner-Up: “Don’t Fuck With My Money”


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