Rad Albums by Brad: Fanfarlo-Rooms Filled With Light

Fanfarlo: Rooms Filled With Light

First I want to apologize for the delay in posts, as much as I would like to frolic and blog all day…sometimes dental school calls, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you guys or groovy tunes any less.

Meanwhile, since we last hung out a very special piece of indie pop has dropped. One of my personal most-anticipated of 2012 albums:  London-based Fanfarlo’s sophomore album!

Rooms Filled With Light is just as special if not more than what I anticipated it to be. This band’s level of class and is unlike anything I’ve heard in this genre. One thing that shined in their first album Reservoir was their choice of instruments…violin and trumpets dance over each other so seamlessly to create a smooth as butter sound. Rooms Filled With Light does just that except this time around sounds a little more polished with stronger sense of direction. Songs like “Dig” have hands down the most joyful violin solo I’ve ever heard. “Tightrope” has contagious trumpet moments that give Beirut a run for their money.

Lead singer Amos Memon is the 2nd piece to this band’s “why we are awesome” puzzle.  The energy he brings this time is much stronger, “Shiny Things” demonstrates this perfectly with it’s 1 minute slow build to Fanfarlo’s catchiest moment yet.

Rooms Filled With Light is simply a pleasure that will put a jolly grin on your face from start to finish.

Look for Fanfarlo to tickle us pink with their instruments later this month March 29th @ Skullys.

Must Listen: “Shiny Things”

Runner-Up: “Dig”

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