It’s Not Summer, but Hey Let’s Pretend! Beach Fossils-Shallow

Probably one of my favorite summer memories is driving to Zoombezi Bay in a convertible and hearing Beach Fossil’s “Wide Awake” for the first time. PBRs were shotgunned in the parking lot followed by a relaxing float on the lazy river. Although I could attribute the day’s success most to (the now bankrupt) Dip’n'dots…I really owe Beach Fossils all the credit. I mean seriously, does it get anymore chill than the stuff this band puts out. As my good friend D. Marley says “This band gets me.”

Now it’s cold as hell, and Zoombezi bay doesn’t open for 4 months BUT we do luckily have Beach Fossils releasing some new material! The band is gearing up for another album, but in the meantime they will be releasing some groovy tracks. The first is “Shallow.” “Shallow” offers a new sound for the band being a little more guitar heavy, but despite its newer sound and time of the year, it’s awesome, chill as hell, and still makes me salivate for those Rainbow Ice Dip’n'Dot frozen morcels.

Thanks to “The Boise” for sharing!


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