#9: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart-Belong

I don’t think the definition of “indie pop” can get any clearer than with NYC based band The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Another fantastic example of an amazing sophomore album, whenever I want to be in an exceptionally happy mood I put on Belong. Catchy guitar and lead vocals from Kip Berman about the pains of relationships provide an extremely fun-filled experience than is sure to have you tapping your foot. If Pitchfork had it’s own version of TRL, I can promise you this band’s music videos would be making hipster tweens swoon until it retired on the countdown.

Music videos don’t get any better than what the band did for “Heart in Your Heartbreak.” The guitar store owner doesn’t let them practice so they kidnap him, tape him to a chair, and have an epic concert and dance party around him. The asian girl in the glasses with the duct tape is def my new best friend.

I had the chance to see these guys at The Basement back in February and they were a blast. An incredible stage presence plus a massive dance party are enough to cure any heart pains. I had the chance to chat and have drinks with Kip after the show. His chill, super friendly personality and immense fan appreciation reminded me why I got into this genre to begin with.

“Tell me again what the body’s for

Cause I can’t feel it anymore

I lost mine and I need yours”

Must Listen: “The Body”

Runner-Up: “Heart in Your Heartbreak”

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