#7. Saintseneca-Last & #6. Washed Out-Within and Without + a Surprise

#7. Saintseneca- Last

Columbus may have Jeni’s Ice Cream, but it’s also lucky enough to have local folk band, Saintseneca. Brought together, according to the band, by chance and friendship…Saintsenca is a heartfelt musical experience that is filled with incredible talent. The instrumental arrangements blend so well that the guitars, drums, stomps, and handclaps are as close as the band themselves. Lead singer Zac Little’s voice is as unique as it is contagious, leaving every song on Last with much to explore.

Last stands for more than the band’s first full length album, but a culmination of their journey thus far as a band and friends. It is also serves as farewell and musical diary to the members of the band whose longtime involvement ends with Last.

In interview found on Saintseneca’s Tumblr, Lead Singer Zac Little discusses the purpose of Last and the band’s steps forward:

We wanted to make something that would in some way encapsulate the investment of friendship we all have in this. The record is a memento. Last as end, and endure. The band is by no means over, but we’ve definitely opened up to a new chapter.”

And of course when asked where else the band would live, he of course responds with:

Somewhere with better weather that Ohio.” …Sigh

“What if I move to some other city

Some place that’s far, far away and strange

I’d never know you, I’d never knew you

That’s what I’m doing, grow up and embrace the change”

Must Listen: “Last”

#6. Washed Out- Within and Without

Washed Out is the 2nd chill wave album on our countdown, but a completely different experience than Neon Indian. Within and Without is a captivating and soothing experience that’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Lead singer, Ernest Greene, has this voice that weaves in and out of his beats incredibly smoothly, resulting in immensely tranquil musical arrangements.

It’s like the whole thing is just an ongoing epic, electronic montage thats sole purpose is to soundtrack all of our best 2011 moments. The video for “Amor Fati” is the perfect opportunity to whisk you away from a crappy place to an awesome one (for example the basement of the OSU Dental School). Every time I watch it, I feel a wave of nostalgia that reminds me of of road trips and spontaneous adventures that just give you that “feel good” sensation.

“Inside your voice resounds,

Your thoughts realign

Your words recall to mind

Your short sweet life”

Must Listen: “Amor Fati”

P.S. Happy Holidays!

Sorry for the delay on today’s post, but even Jews have stuff to do on Christmas. To apologize and celebrate some holiday cheer I have a present for everyone…Jonsi’s (from Sigur Ros) new music video “Gathering Stories.” Made for that movie with Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson “We Bought a Zoo,” the video has incredible animation and shows the epic journey of a bad ass explorer who travels from ice, to sea, to sky. Oh and he makes some cool animal friends along the way and the song is fantastic.

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