#5: Drake-Take Care

Albums like Take Care serve as a reminder of why I still care about rap. I struggle to find the proper times in my life that I actually want to listen to recent rap songs these days other than bumping and grinding in the Cantina dance cave. However, once in a while an album that bleeds creativity like Take Care come along.  I think the biggest problem with rappers today is their need to over-release music, but Drake has established that when it’s time for something to say, the world will stop to listen. His last album Thank Me Later informed us that Drake is special (other than being a Jewish Canadian rapper who played a disabled character on Degrassi) and has set a new class standard for modern rappers.

Songs like “Over my Dead Body” quickly highlight the level of class, fluidity and production value that Take Care has to offer. Similar to Kanye’s abilities, Drake samples beats that separate his music from most generic rap. His lyrics also highlight this new rap standard. Songs like “Make Me Proud” featuring Nikki Minaj serve as a modern day anthem for support of independent woman. Drake may have money, but like most people, cares more about human connection, something that Take Care highlights with perfection.

The album also serves as a passing of the torch for Young Money Records where Drake has finally shown he doesn’t need his Weezy training wheels anymore. Not that I don’t like Lil Wayne’s contribution to the album, I felt the songs with him brought down the classiness that Take Care offers. Instead, I’m more excited about  the future collaborations between Drake and The Weeknd that Take Care establishes. If Twitter had 2011 awards for “Tweet Best Friends of the Year”, @theweekndxo and drizzy@drake would def win.

Take Care also says a lot as Drake as an artist. The album leaked a week early and all Drake cared about is if people liked it. He was more concerned with the experience than the iTunes sales.  Like many rap albums, Drake’s focus on Take Care is on how he has so much money he doesn’t know how to spend it, but the difference is this time we care. I am eager to hear what the next step for “the underground king” will be now that he has clearly taken the throne.

“People always ask how I got my nice things

Take my crown to the grave, I’m an underground king”

Must Listen: “Over My Dead Body”


Runner Up: “Make Me Proud feat. Nicki Minaj”


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