#10: Real Estate-Days

2011 was the year of sophomore albums that didn’t disappoint and New Jersey Indie Rock band Real Estate is certainly no exception. I could not think of a more chill way to start off this countdown than with the album Days. It was this year’s reminder that everyone just needs to chillax once in a while.

The album offers a serene, beachy sound without coming off as too boring. “BeachFossils’esque” guitar strumming found in songs like “Green Aisles make it clear that this album is meant to accompany a summertime poolside icy cold beer. However, the vocals and lyrics of Days provide a more meaningful experience than just some nice weather ambient tunes. Just try and go on the Zoombezi Bay lazy river next summer with the “Local Native’esque” ballads of “It’s Real” playing and tell me you can physically feel stress. Fast-forward to freezing cold December and this album still remains as one of the most “chill as fuck” albums of the year.

“All those wasted miles

All those aimless drives through green aisles

Our careless lifestyle, it was not so unwise, no”

Must Listen: “Green Aisles”

 Runner-Up: “It’s Real”

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