#1. Cut Copy-Zonoscope

2011 was no doubt the best year of my life and there’s no way in hell I’m not going out dancing. Australian electro pop band, Cut Copy, have come quite a long way since their last album in 2008 In Ghost Colours. If you haven’t heard that album, then I definitely suggest you add it to your new years resolution list because it’s hands down one of the best electronic albums I’ve ever heard and the golden child of the genre. Fast-forward to 2011 and the band releases it’s mega anticipated 3rd LP Zonoscope.

Making Pitchfork’s best new music and recently nominated for a Grammy for best dance/ectronica album, Zonoscope most certainly quenches my Cut Copy electro-thirst. It would be hard to compete with the triumph that was In Ghost Clouors, so to avoid that Cut Copy moves to a more poppy sound, which with the fame the band has garnered in the past few years makes sense.

The album as a whole really shines, with each song having it’s own theme, depth, and rhythm. Each song has so much to offer that it will give you something new to find every time you listen. It’s like the whole thing is one big dance party, with each song being it’s own move, and by the time the dance is over you can do nothing except have a sweaty shirt and big smirk on your face.

Songs like “Take Me Over” are just a good time with fun lyrics and electro beats that will have you arm swaying and butt bumping with the person next to you. “Need You Now” is the bands more epic moment where it uses the first 4 minutes to build to one of the best dance breaks I’ve heard this year.

Another thing Zonoscope does exceptionally well is its placement of choruses. “Blink and You’ll Miss a Revolution” and “This Is All We’ve Got”s choruses may take a couple minutes but it’s no question they are worth the wait.

Zonoscope may show Cut Copy’s more trendy side, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t forgotten their roots. “Hanging Onto Every Heartbeat” sounds like it was picked off In Ghost Colours and the experimental 15 minute “Sun God” is as epic as the album cover itself.

Since ’07 Cut Copy has always had a name for itself but it’s 2011 that reintroduces these guys and sets the stage for them to reach new heights in the electronic genre.

Are you pissed that I picked this is my number one album of 2011? Well, before you start kicking and screaming listen to “Need You Now” at midnight. When the song breaks at 3:24 tell me you don’t feel like doing a backflip as the ball drops.

“Take me over

Now take me out

Give me Something to dream about

Take me over, take me out

To the jungle through the night in paradise”

Must Listen: “Need You Now”

Runner-Up: “Take Me Over”

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